International Silver Road Shocks SRI501 (each)

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Our International Silver Road Shocks provide an exciting ride control for your Class 8 truck.

Our NEW Big 1-3/4" Bore Shock for International Harvester

One of the most important features of any ride control product, (shock absorbers) is the ride comfort and control it delivers.  Driving a class 8 truck all day for a living can make for a much longer day when the truck
is bouncing over rough highways, including pitching.  Other road conditions include gusting side winds,  uneven highways.  Constant highway variations that demand and increased, driver concentration. Shock absorbers control all suspension motions. SilverRoad shocks with their big bore and increased control forces will reduce highway demands on the driver by keeping the ride comfort and truck stability improved.  Driving a truck that has predictability all day long will make the driver a lot less tired at the end of the day.  The engineers at SilverRoad Shocks worked very hard designing road stability into each one of their SilverRoad Shocks worked very hard designing road stability into each one of their SilverRoad ride control products for class 8 truck and trailer applications.


  • Delivers More Control Force
  • Improved Ride Comfort and Stability
  • Longer Tire Life than Standard Shocks
  • More Comfort for the Driver
  • Less Fatigue for the Driver


Standard Features: 
Delivers More Control Force

The control force that is achieved with these shock far outways the competitions!

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