Paid for themselves many times over!

I was having to replace my shocks every 3 months! It was getting very expensive, I tried Silver Road Shocks and what a difference! The durability and longevity of these shocks are tremendous! They cost a little more but they've paid for themselves many times over! The ride is great too! I recommend giving Silver Road Shocks a try!

Big Big Difference!

Doing great, had them on for a week now. Big, Big difference.  Again thank you for all the help.  Please let me know when you have the front shocks available. Thanks, Roger

  When asked "How are the shocks doing for you?” This was Rogers reply.

A smart Investment

These shocks really improved my ride.  I could feel the difference immediately,  especially at railroad crossings and on rutted roads.  I would recommend these shocks, Heavy Duty and priced right!

A smart investment

I can’t believe how much better my truck rides.  I have over a million miles on conventional shocks. These new Silver Road shocks have made such a difference.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants a better, smoother, more comfortable ride.


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